It’s 8th April 2018, and apparently this is an auspicious day in my life. You wouldn’t think so as I sprawl on the couch, furiously editing on my laptop. It’s my parent’s 40th Wedding Anniversary and the 4th birthday of our cafe- The Innocent Kitchen. It’s now also the date that I have submitted Marshmallow Club’s Kickstarter Project. 

I have touched on my plans for my Marshmallow Studio both here and on our Instagram and now it’s almost happening. The project still has to be approved by the powers they be at but I’m confident that we’ll be ready to launch within the next few days. 

Easter is always a busy time for us which delayed work on the project for a couple of weeks so technically I’m behind schedule. As always though, I’ve just been pushing through and pumping out my Marshmallow orders with my limited equipment and benchspace. 

What exactly is a Kickstarter? It’s a crowd funding platform to help bring projects & products to life. We will be using it to fund the basic remodelling of my studio to make everything a bit easier. 

Funding is achieved through people ‘pledging’ a certain amount of money in return for ‘rewards’. I’ve come up with rewards from as little as $10 but have also been able to offer International shipping on some rewards. Super exciting! The plan is to be able to offer international shipping as a regular option on the website after we have completed the work on the new kitchen. 

Fingers crossed, Marshmallows lovers! I’ll keep you updated. 

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