In 2009 alongside my mother & sister we founded a kids catering company named Innocent Catering. This was when my love of handmade Marshmallows flourished. As business grew we realised that our future was in sweet treats and face to face customer service. So in 2014 we opened a coffee shop, The Innocent Kitchen, on the border of Sydenham & Tempe in the “Inner West” suburbs of Sydney, Australia  

The locals loved my marshmallows, but how would we share the marshmallow love with the rest of Sydney and Australia? This is how Marshmallow Club was born. Now everyone in Australia is able to order online!

No matter how many marshmallows I whip up, there are still endless flavour combinations in my head, just waiting to come out. And after 13 years, I still love making marshmallows! 

In 2019 we sold our cafe so that I could focus on Marshmallow Club full time from a dedicated Studio Kitchen in The Blue Mountains.

To help me with my continuing dream, make sure that you spread the marshmallow love on Instagram and Facebook.


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