Lions & tigers and... ants? Oh my!

Lions & tigers and... ants? Oh my!



I have to say... life is never boring in my little Marshmallow world. Last week there were many things happening in my life (more on that at a later date), but the most interesting thing was a corporate order we received. 

The Edible Bug Shop would be presenting these Marshmallows at Kylie Kwongs Night Markets at Carriageworks here in Sydney. The theme of the night was Australian flavours so I had just the right combinations, taking inspiration from our October 2016 Subscription Box.
The lovely Skye from had contacted me about creating Marshmallows focused around their edible Mealworms, Crickets, and Ants. Now you guys know me- I’m always up for a challenge!

Working to complement the natural flavours of the insects, I matched up the following;

Mealworms with Wattle seed Crickets with Macadamia & Caramel Swirl
Mealworms with Wattle seed Crickets with Macadamia & Salted Caramel Swirl 
Ants with Riberry (the fruit of the Lilli Pilli tree)

Ants with Riberry


Being a small business ourselves, we love to support other small businesses. The Riberry flavouring I used in the Ant Marshmallows came  from a Riberry ‘Shrub’ by Currong Comestibles who are local to the area where we have our cafe. A shrub is an old fashioned style cordial made with vinegar and provides the perfect flavouring for something as sweet as marshmallows.


The verdict on Edible Insects in Marshmallow? It really works. Initially I had been worried about the chemical make up of the bugs effecting the texture of the Marshmallow, however, there were no issues. Is it strange eating bugs in Marshmallows? Definitely! But if it's a normal part of peoples diets in other countries then it's about time we embraced it in Australia.

I hope that you enjoyed this insight on one of our more unusual requests!

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