Marshmallow Studio!

Marshmallow Studio!

What do you do when Marshmallows take over your life? You build a bigger kitchen... 

My family has owned our cafe, The Innocent Kitchen, for 4 years where we make coffee, sweet treats and sandwiches. In 2016 I decided that my Marshmallows needed a bit more attention and set up ‘Marshmallow Club’ and this website... which has been very well received. 

However, now I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. Or a marshmallow and a marshmallow?! Demand for my fluffy creations keeps growing and I’ve quite simply run out of kitchen & storage space at the cafe. I’ve acquired a studio with a basic kitchenette so my next mission is to fit it out properly and have room for all of the important things like mixers, drying racks, packaging shelves and a gift wrapping/packing station. 

After consulting with like-minded people I’ve realised that I will need to explore crowd funding. In the midst of Subscription Boxes being sent out and whipping up website & wholesale orders, I’ve been madly planning out my goals, budget & feasibility for this working. Sure I can keep running around like crazy and working around the clock to make use of the minimal equipment I have, but I’ll never conquer the world that way! 

Hopefully within the next week you’ll be hearing more about the next steps I’ll be taking to make my dream a reality. Pretty exciting stuff, eh? For now, I’m posting some ‘before’ photos of the studio space which is pretty much just storage space at the moment. I have started to clean & paint the room but there’s still so much more to do!


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I find this all SO EXCITING. Go you! Can’t wait to see more and buy zillions of studio-produced marshies ?? x


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