Stop... and smell the Marshmallows.

Stop... and smell the Marshmallows.

Today I bring you a tale about taking your own advice. 

At the café today I was having a chat with one of my staff about time management & chaos induced anxiety. After spending more than half of my life working in the hospitality industry, I definitely have some great coping strategies in my apron pocket. 

The best tip I ever received from a manager was how to handle an out of control service in a busy restaurant.


Stop what you’re doing and go and stand away from your tables. Then you can prioritise your tasks and move forward. No one will realise that you aren’t doing anything- they’re too busy enjoying their meal. They will notice if you’re racing around like a headless chicken.

I had been following that advice since April 2008 and only realised today that I haven’t been applying this rule to every part of my life. Most of you know that I run Marshmallow Club within my café, which essentially means running two businesses. I am 100% guilty of not stopping, trying to achieve everything. Which is ridiculous! I’m only one person (even though I wear many hats!). 

So today I am stopping and looking at what my priorities are. One of those things is communicating with you, my customer. I can stress as much as I want about how instagrammable my Marshmallow Studio is, or I could make more cute behind the scenes videos of the process. I think I know what sounds better! 

I’m going to take my advice and I hope that it helps someone else too. Repeat after me: Stop and prioritise. 


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