Sugar Republic

Sugar Republic

Candy Bar at Sugar Republic

Have you ever experienced FOMO, also known as the ‘Fear of Missing Out’? For as long as I can remember I have always had FOMO especially with events and experiences... definitely made worse in high school where I had three different friendship groups, all at different schools. Combined with having a weekend job (I couldn’t miss out on the experience of working!), I always felt like I needed to be in three places at once. 

Fast forward to the present and there was something that I JUST HAD TO EXPERIENCE! Sugar Republic (SR) is the brainchild of Allison Jones, previously of Lark Store and Melt Bake & Party Store. I have been following her journey for a while, but when she launched SR in Melbourne in 2018 I had instant FOMO.

When it was announced that SR would be coming to Sydney in 2019 I booked in a date with my friend, the Retro Mumma. 

From the moment we walked in we were surrounded by nostalgia and a feast for the eyes. We climbed into a giant pink ball pit and decided to have a photoshoot. I think that the best part is that the exhibition is actually aimed at adults. Being able to relive our childhood by doing something as simple as playing in a ball pit brought immense joy and laughter. They really knew what they were doing when they designed Sugar Republic.

We continued walking around from room to room, having fun posing for photos with all of the artwork. Everything was interactive so we were allowed to touch things. There was a giant super soft cushion that felt like a giant piece of bubblegum (minus any grossness), and a huge cake to jump out of- complete with confetti canon.

A little secret is that I actually closed the cafe early that day to attend SR and I do not regret a thing! At the end of our session we had ice cream and then wandered through the city. It was an amazing thing to do on a sunny Friday afternoon before going back to the responsibilities of life.

Sugar Republic is no longer in Sydney but it is touring around Australia. If you get the chance to go, do it- even if you have to take the afternoon off work! 



Pastel neon rainbow at Sugar RepublicPink ball pit at Sugar RepublicPink ball pit at Sugar RepublicRetro Mumma and I at Sugar RepublicBiscuit house at Sugar RepublicGiant Bubble ‘o Bill Ice Cream at Sugar RepublicThe Golden Ticket at Sugar RepublicGiant Licorice Allsorts at Sugar RepublicGiant cake at Sugar Republic

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