Marshmallow Creme

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Marshmallow Creme
Handmade Vanilla Marshmallow Creme
Handmade Vanilla Marshmallow Creme with Caramel Sauce

Jars of handmade spreadable Marshmallow 100g.

Have you ever wondered what fresh marshmallow is like before it sets? This is the closest thing and it’s perfect to eat straight out of the jar or dollop onto the top of a hot chocolate or coffee. 

Each jar is lovingly filled with smooth Marshmallow Creme. For an added indulgence, try the caramel swirl! 

*Please note that during transit, the caramel swirl may combine from being shaken  

Ingredients: Sugar, water, glucose syrup, EGG whites, flavours, caramel (DAIRY).

Gluten and nut free. Contains EGG. Caramel swirl contains DAIRY.

*When selecting your delivery date, please allow 5 working days for delivery or longer for rural and international orders. If you are sending this as a gift, there is a ‘special instructions’ box to write a message which will be included in the delivery on a Marshmallow Club Postcard.

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