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This winter, make all of your campfire dreams come true with handmade S'mores.

Traditionally an American dessert, S'mores are gaining popularity in Australia. They are so much fun with handmade marshmallows!

Each set of ingredients includes enough biscuits, vanilla bean marshmallows, and Milka chocolate to make four S’mores. 

Choose from just the ingredients, or the full kit which includes a burner and extendable toasting fork.







Biscuit Ingredients: Wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oil [antioxidant from soy], starch (wheat), salt, baking powder, natural flavour.
Allergen warning: Contains gluten and soy. May contain traces of nuts.

Marshmallow Ingredients: sugar, water, glucose (corn), invert syrup (corn), certified Halal gelatine, corn flour, flavours, vanilla bean.
Gluten, egg, dairy, and nut free.

Chocolate Ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter, skimmed milk powder, coca mass, whey powder (milk), milk fat, hazelnuts, soy lecithin, vanilla. Allergen warning: Contains dairy, hazelnuts, soy.


Smores ingredient kits contain 4 x Vanilla Bean Marshmallows, 8 x Biscuits, and a bar of Milka Chocolate

Campfire kits include the items listed above, plus a burner and extendable tongs. Packaged in a hand stamped calico bag.

Colours and marshmallow size may appear different to on your screen due to this being a handmade small batch product. Marshmallows are approximately 3.5cm x 3.5cm x 2cm and can be sliced in half to make the s’mores easier to assemble.


When selecting your delivery date, please allow 5 working days for delivery or longer for rural and international orders. If you are sending this as a gift, there is a ‘special instructions’ box to write a message which will be included in the delivery on a Marshmallow Club Postcard.



If you are using the burner, place it on a flat, heat proof surface and take the lid off. With a long match or lighter, carefully ignite the wick. The flame may not be very visible so please take care not to burn yourself.

1. Spear a marshmallow onto the toasting fork, and extend the arm of it so that your hand is a safe distance away from the flame. If you don't have the extendable fork, use a long skewer.

2. Rotate the marshmallow approximately 1.5 inches above the flame, until the outside layer gets evenly toasted. You will find that the burner is very efficient and may only take a minute. If you are using a fireplace it may take slightly longer. Keep an eye on the marshmallow, as they can go from toasted to burnt very fast!

3. Remove the marshmallow from the heat and carefully sandwich it between two biscuits, making sure that the hot marshmallow doesn't melt onto your hand. 

Let the chocolate and marshmallow melt together, cool slightly, and then enjoy!

When finished with the burner, carefully replace the metal lid to extinguish the flame. 






















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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Manal Fedda
Best S’mores

My girls absolutely loved making and eating the s’mores!

Johanna O'Shea
Fabulous gift!

So much fun! Friend's daughter was sick for her school camp and this completely brightened her day.

Jessica Tivendale
Five stars


J Bono
Campfire Kit

Bought as a gift for my niece, she loved it! loved it even more because she has severe allergies so knowing it was nut-free and egg free etc made it all the more awesome for her.